Being a bailbondsman I have had the pleasure to meet some struggling nice people who make mistakes out of necessity. Unfortunitly its puts them behind the eight ball. its usually a very small crime which holds them on bail. The end result is usually some type of program in which they must attend classes and the case will be eventually dismissed. There are many types of programs that cover narcotic, domestic, larceny and even motor vehicle cases. As long as the program rules are followed the case will be dismissed or nollied. At that time the bond that I have them released on will be terminated.  The bond payment at that I collected will be my fee for posting the bond to the state. The fee is usually 7%- 10% of the bond that is set. Money can be taken up front and the balance paid by payment plan. Usually 35% down  the rest paid through payments. So when the bond is terminated all contracts between myself and the defendant are terminated. So go to court people and all will go well.